Thursday, June 25, 2009

BETA Expert Connect

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: Announces “Expert Connect”: "Clients never pay any fees to The Generations Network but the experts do pay a percentage of the fees to The Generations Network to cover credit card processing fees and other expenses.

There are two types of independent experts available through Expert Connect: researchers and professionals. Anyone who exhibits a passion for genealogy and a history of helping others with simple research tasks (e.g., local archive searches or photography) may sign up to become a researcher. Researchers can provide Expert Connect’s Record Pickup and Local Photo services. Professionals, on the other hand, must possess advanced qualifications such as industry certifications, education, membership in professional associations and relevant experience. Professionals are able to offer all five of the Expert Connect services.

Expert Connect is available to everyone right now, you do not need to be an subscriber to use the service. More than 400 genealogy experts are awaiting your proposal.

All work performed is private and is strictly between the client and the researcher. will never see the results and obviously will never publish the information found.

I suspect this is going to be a win-win situation for clients and experts alike. For clients, it solves the question of 'Where do I find an expert with the credentials that I need?' I was especially interested to learn that the service has a ratings system where clients will rate the services they receive. This is somewhat similar to eBay's ratings service. In the future, you might select a somewhat more expensive proposal in lieu of a cheaper one if the researcher's Expert Connect rating is higher than that of the low-cost bidder.

For genealogy experts, Expert Connect provides an easy and convenient method of finding new clients. Each expert can accept as much or as little work as he or she wants as each expert controls 'the throttle.'"


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