Sunday, June 14, 2009

Utah Valley PAF Users Group

Utah Valley PAF Users Group - Press Releases: "The main presentation for this meeting will be by Beau Sharbrough on GENEALOGY IN 2020.
In 2020, you won't use your web browser to look up your pedigree chart, linked to all the sources already. That will be ancient history. In 2020, you'll attend a family reunion and have dinner with the animated holograms of your ancestors. What questions would you ask your ancestors?

This will be a presentation of a 'report' from a person who was the historical subject of such a meeting, and asking 'How did you get so much of my life wrong?' This is a cautionary tale about assuming that records tell everything about a person, and the risks of reasoning from the general to the specific.

We currently place lots of emphasis on vital events (birth, marriage, death) to make sure we know exactly which person we are talking about. In the future we will probably be able to use relationships and put more 'meat on the genealogy bones' and know more about the individuals themselves.

Many people now refer to that as 'family history' and just the dates and places as 'genealogy'. For members of the LDS Church that's the full version of 'turning the hearts of the children to their fathers'.

Houston native Beau Sharbrough received a Philosophy BA from Texas A&M in 1977. His programming career began in 1980, and he is presently self-employed.
He is the founder of the FGS web site, the GENTECH web site, and the Lexicon Working Group. He is a former president of GENTECH and has previously worked as a Product Manager for tree products at and as Vice President of Content at Beau writes regularly on technical topics in family history, with an occasional overdose of humor, and maintains the website. He is the author of Gene's Anniversary Scrapbook. This promises to be an interesting discussion."


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