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Investor Early Stages: UK vs. North America | Business Resource: "Since returning to the UK to begin the 3rd round of funding for his family tree site arcalife, CEO Paul Taylor had a number of investor meetings through contacts and friends of friends. “There is a definite difference in attitude on this side of the pond as far as VC’s, angels and also investors more generally are concerned.”, says Paul.

Clearly the particularly bad state of the economy doesn’t help the situation, but it’s more than that. The UK generally seems more risk averse when it comes to tech investment, especially in the early stage. It makes sense now that almost none of the world’s large social networks started in the UK. This matches with some of the early experience arcalife had with PR in the UK market. While they had had plenty of traction and then some since the UK launch at Who Do You Think You Are Live, it’s certainly more challenging to make your voice heard in England.

It seems, in general, that more groundwork needs to be laid in the UK, as a matter of course, in both the investment and PR spaces – there is not much shooting from the hip going on by these people. It’s not a lack of innovative spirit that drives this. It’s more down to greater caution; on account of the complexity/density of the market and the competition in the UK. Still, if you are self dubbed ‘North American Entrepreneur’ the approach seems over-cautious, perhaps even a little ‘nay saying’.

It definitely seems a bit strange to go all the way back to the UK to leverage an extensive network… only to end up with many of the follow-ups being on the west coast of North America. Why does North America have a different risk reward tolerance? How has the UK ended up in a position where its’ banks will invest in unsound liabilities and yet it’s early stage investors are few and far between?"

Lastname lapham - your Memories and Family History: "The following people are on They are either created inside a Family Tree or directly as a life archive. You can also use our Family History to research and find those lost family members. To drill down further and see first names select your firstname of choice. Use to create and share your family tree, research your family history and capture a living history today of your own memories, stories and experiences as well as the life of history of family members. Pass your family digital estate to future generations and secure your place in history."

Life Profile of Joseph Lapham - your Memories and Family History: "This is the arcalife of Joseph Lapham. Depending on your permissions, you can either View or Edit Joseph's Memories, Experiences, Family Tree, Life Cubes, Timeline or Photo Moments."


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