Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fromelles battle in the early evening of July 19 and the close of July 20 1916

First World War bodies to be identified - Telegraph: "People who believe relatives may lie in the pits will be asked to submit family trees before DNA samples are taken. The process of identification will be a long one: identity tags were removed from the bodies and dental records are non-existent.

'The discipline of excavating mass graves has developed from our experience in the Balkans,' says Miss Loe.

Caroline Barker, the lead anthropologist, who has worked in Croatia and Bosnia helping to identify victims of atrocities, says: 'We have found some young people, quite likely to be under age.'

But why go to so much trouble after so many years?

'It's about solving a conundrum. It's the living who need to know.'"


Blogger Steve Hayes said...

I wonder if there will eventually be a web site showing what they discovered.

4:46 pm  

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