Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Clayton and Camelot

index: "'Distant moons ago,' General Cole, a freedman and carpenter by trade came to Clayton, Alabama to help build the county courthouse. There he fell in love with a slave named Georgia Tompkins. He bought her freedom for her and they were subsequently married. After the courthouse was completed, the Coles remained in Clayton. Georgia worked as a seamstress and General continued to work as a carpenter, He built many homes in the city including one for his family which grew to include eight children: Floyd, Lewis, Stratton, Luke, Lenora, Tommy, Janie and Huey. General and Georgia's granddaughter, Ann Lowe, was also born their Parish Avenue home in 1896.
Shortly after Ann's birth, Jack and Janie Lowe moved to Montgomery, Alabama. Janie Lowe, was also a talented seamstress. As she made clothing for her primarily wealthy clientele, which included the first lady of Alabama, she taught young Ann to sew as well."


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