Saturday, August 15, 2009

Apple Store (U.S.)

Reunion 9 - Apple Store (U.S.): "Old product, hard to use

Written by WP

Jul 9, 2009

Don't buy this software, it 'features' a very dated interface and is missing many functions present in current genealogy applicati…Read moreons. For example, there are no mapping functions at all and the few basic charts it offers are looking like they came from the 80s. Furthermore, the web pages generated are useless compared to what I've seen from PC genealogy software.

The price is very high and I've read on the internet that Leister (the vendor) has been charging a whopping 60 US$ for the update from reunion 8 to 9. That's 60% of the price for new customers. Really a rip-off.

I've checked the other options (Heredis, MacFamilyTree and iFamily) and finally bought MacFamilyTree for 49 US$ after my 99 US$ for Reunion went down the drain."

Synium MacFamilyTree 5 - Apple Store (U.S.): "Synium MacFamilyTree 5

Modern genealogy for your Mac"
Don't buy this software!

Written by KC from Haverhill

Feb 1, 2009

I've only just "switched to Mac" and I bought this software very excited that I would be able to transfer my existing tree (in FTMRead more2009) to it and sync it with my iPhone.

The transfer part wasn't too bad once you get the hang of using the software. My issue has been with the syncing part. It worked the first time I tried it and then stopped working. I looked at the forums and wrote to Synium and they've not responded. Eventually I thought I had it sorted but dscovered it only worked once and won't update again.

Oh and the software crashes on me every once in a while. Again I've had no feedback from Synium yet.

I'm not alone with this and other issues though there may be folks out there who have no issues at all. Make an informed choice: visit the support section of the Synium website and read some of the entries there before making your purchase.

Reunion Needs Reworking

Written by TB from Shakopee

Mar 11, 2009

Using Reunion 9 has been a nightmare. I used Family Tree Legends and Family Tree Maker for years but when I switched to an Apple Read morecomputer, I was forced to buy Reunion since Apple does not support the other programs.

Everything is so much more complicated and cumbersome. Reports and lists are more difficult to get and to read. Even getting a simple count of the number of people in my file is ridiculous. There was no obvious place to ask for that basic info and the help menu was worthless.

Merging individuals is a hassle compared to the other programs.

I think there are numerous improvements that could and should be made.

which is why I use FTM on WinXp sp3 on Parallels 4 on my MacBook Pro


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