Friday, August 21, 2009

How to Use GPS and Google Maps for Genealogy Research |

How to Use GPS and Google Maps for Genealogy Research | "If your GPS can be connected to your computer, you can look up the location on Google Maps and then choose the send button at the top right of the screen to load the location directly into your navigator. This feature is available for most popular GPS units and for BMW and Mercedes in-car navigators.

Another Google Map feature genealogists should make use of is the ability to add places to the map. If you know the location of an obscure cemetery or historical location, feel free to add it so others can benefit. Just use the Add Place command to make it available to everyone.

Beyond helping you find your way, the other major use of GPS for genealogists is marking the exact location of points of interest. Say you have searched that remote cemetery and found the grave of your great-great grandmother. With some GPS units, you can set it on the top of the stone and read the latitude and longitude of that exact spot."


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