Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Photo Collection of Cemeteries

Flickr: Piemouth: "About Piemouth / Lizzie Fox Pro User
I'm crow on the Well and 19_crows on LiveJournal.

I like old stuff - old typewriters, fountain pens, vintage clothes, antique jewelry, old photos (especially posed groups of people), ephemera of every kind. I like to take pictures of gravestones and cemeteries. I'm trying to get better at taking artistic pictures instead of just reporting."

Collection: Cemeteries

Alta Mesa Cemetery, Mountain View CA
7 photos
Calvary Cemetery, San Jose
19 photos
Chapel of the Chimes, Garden of Memory 6-21-09
65 photos
Cypress Lawn, Colma
278 photos
Divide Cemetery, Tuolumne County
76 photos
Evergreen Cemetery, Santa Cruz CA
83 photos
Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Cupertino CA
29 photos
Grand View Memorial Park, Glendale CA
22 photos
Hollywood Forever Cemetery
11 photos
Holy Cross cemetery, Menlo Park CA
18 photos
Home of Eternity, Oakland California
92 photos
Los Gatos Memorial Park
127 photos
Madronia cemetery, Saratoga CA
71 photos
Mission City Memorial Park, Santa Clara CA
184 photos
Mountain View, Oakland
99 photos
Oakwood Cemetery, Santa Cruz
56 photos
Rural Cemetery, Stockton CA
62 photos
San Lorenzo Pioneer Memorial Park
21 photos
Saint Joseph Cemetery, Fremont
12 photos
Saint Marys Cemetery, Oakland CA
80 photos
San Gabriel Mission Cemetery
23 photos
Santa Clara Mission Cemeteryery
179 photos
Santa Cruz Memorial Park
248 photos
Graveyard details
115 photos
Photo ceramic grave markers
149 photos


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