Friday, September 11, 2009

New Family Search barcode

Grandma's Scraps: New Family Search: "I input the information on Luzetta O'Neal, the wife of Warren Strickland I found at the genealogy yesterday and printed out my first bar code submission on New Family Search. Finally I know how to do it. And it's really easy once you understand what you are doing. I was even able to figure out Roots Magic but I didn't want to do anything because I'm afraid I'm logged in as Darell and my work will go under his name. So I'll wait on that until I get my own number. Right now I'm working under Darell and he helps me. I am just so excited. It will be so much easier submitting my names. I took a picture of what it looks like. I want to always remember when I was able to do this. I think this is a monumental program we are launching here."


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