Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cemetery of the Evergreens, Brooklyn

Wapedia - Wiki: Cemetery of the Evergreens, Brooklyn

The Cemetery of the Evergreens is a non-denominational cemetery in Brooklyn and Queens, New York, colloquially called Evergreen Cemetery. It was incorporated in 1849, not long after the passage of New York's Rural Cemetery Act spurred development of cemeteries outside Manhattan. For a time, it was the busiest cemetery in New York City; in 1929 there were 4,673 interments.

The Evergreens was built on the principle of the rural cemetery. Two of the era's most noted landscape architects, Andrew Jackson Downing and Alexander Jackson Davis, were instrumental in the layout of the cemetery grounds.

The cemetery was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on November 15, 2007. [2]

Cypress Hills Cemetery lies to its northwest. - Google Search:
"The Evergreens Cemetery - site off line

Offers family lots, single graves, an urn garden, community and private mausoleums. Located on the border of Brooklyn and Queens. Lists famous people buried ... -"


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