Sunday, October 25, 2009

Crimean War

Captain WP Richards' Letters from the Crimea (5): "I had my horse shot under me, as also had Dacres, Hamley and Wodehouse. I was knocked down by a round shot striking the ground under my feet, but it hopped 30 feet over my head. Afterwards I was charged by a Russian rifleman, several of whom got amongst our guns, he made a rush at me with his bayonet, but I saw him coming and when close, hopped inside his guard and floored him with a tap on the nose with my fist. I had nothing else as my sword was on the limber of one of the guns and I lost my revolver, which is a great loss, as it was a very useful thing, and also very expensive, however, thank God, I escaped, but other poor fellows were not so lucky."


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