Thursday, October 22, 2009

looking for Bristol Workhouse in 1911

RootsWeb: Bristol_and_Somerset-L Re: Bristol Workhouse, Stapleton: "'Confusion over the workhouses in Bristol often occurs because, not only were the workhouses of the Barton Regis poor law union and the Bristol poor law union sited close together, one at Eastville and one at Stapleton, but also because the two poor law unions were amalgamated in 1904. St Peter's Hospital (the old Bristol Union workhouse which had been replaced by the one at Stapleton ) became the administrative headquarters housing all of the records of the Bristol Union and some of the Barton Regis Union, all of which were lost when the building was destroyed by enemy action in 1940.

The small collection of Barton Regis Union records that we hold survived because they were stored at the Barton Regis Union workhouse at Eastville. Both workhouses were known by a variety of names which can add to the confusion over which institution was which. There is a map showing the location of the two workhouses in our Poor Law leaflet, a reference copy of which is available in our searchroom, which you may wish to see when you visit.'

To aid my confusion at the time I was told that the Barton Regis Workhouse (where my Grandmother was born!) was also called/known by Eastville Workhouse/ 100 Fishponds Road! Happily the records office did have records for this workhouse"


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