Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Danish DNA

The Danish Demes DNA Project: "The Danish Demes project is intended to utilize DNA testing as a tool for genealogists researching their Danish origins."

Hello Hugh,

I was just viewing this page on your blog:

and I was shocked to see a long, verbatim quote from my site copied there.

While I appreciate the link, I'm afraid I do not appreciate your using my
copyrighted text without my permission. Frankly, I would prefer that you simply
delete this entire entry from your blog (I have a high ranking at Google and do
not need the link). If you prefer not to delete the entire entry, then please
limit the amount of verbatim text used to be within the bounds of "fair use"
(e.g., in this case, no more than two sentences), and please put that text in
quotes and cite my name, Diana Gale Matthiesen, as the author of it. Then write
your own ideas/reactions/thoughts, *in your own words*, to fill out the entry.

Blogs are a wonderful medium for self-expression, but the entries need to be the
blogger's own creations.

Family Tree DNA - Genetic testing to answer your genealogy questions


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