Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Churches in Birmingham UK

Churches and Places of Worship in Birmingham UK: "Prior to the year 1715 Birmingham comprised only one parish; but at that period a portion of the original parish of St Martin was formed into the parish of St Philip.
The population explosion in the town soon meant they couldn't cope with all of the births, marriages and deaths, hence new churches were built at a remarkable rate throughout the 19th century. In 1829 two other districts were formed into the parishes of St George and St Thomas. Some of the new churches were large, others merely subsidiary chapels of the bigger churches. Also England's first Roman Catholic cathedral was built here.

Encumbents would do the rounds of these, performing ceremonies throughout their parish. In 1836 the Birmingham Church Building Society was founded with the aim of erecting 10 new churches in the poorer areas, though due to lack of funds only 5 were actually built. By 1865 another 10 anglican churches had been built, but the following 4 years saw the erection of a further 10 churches, due to the financial aid of the Birmingham Church Extension Society.

Birmingham was a hive of non-conformism in the 18th century. Its most illustrious leader was Joseph Priestley who was at the centre of riots in 1791 which led to some churches being destroyed by fire. Altogether there have been more non-conformist than state churches in the town. The complexity of their history makes the correlation of place of worship to denomination in the list below strictly speaking impossible."


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