Saturday, November 14, 2009

Elkington Family updated

Elkington Family:

"This Website has been created to help those called Elkington or who may have relatives called Elkington

Some of the trees are taken from the works of Arthur Edward Hardwicke Elkington and his cousin, Christine Elkington, who worked tirelessly to record all the Elkington families known to them at the time of their work. Their notes have been used to form the records contained in these trees and backed up with Family Documents, Wills, Family Bibles, Church Records and Bishops Transcripts

Mini Histories, which provide a colourful background to the story of this family, have been carefully researched and documented by their families and local records. Most of the official documents start with the beginning of the Church Records in the C16 but various other documents have survived and whilst we cannot prove a direct line, it shows that the family has been in England since before the Norman Invasion. Every history has the tree of the person concerned at the end of it showing the source for that particular member and county he or she comes from originally

There are many Wills which have proved a useful source for identifying various members of the different families. In some cases it has proved totally not possible to read off words and a gap has been indicated by a blank but the overall result gives a more or less full picture of the Testators instructions

Trees covering families not in the United Kingdom are as correct as possible, but it has not been possible to be absolutely accurate with families outside the United Kingdom"

from my usenet email:-
Hi Everyone,  

I have now completed the first three generations of the Warwickshire Branch of the ELKINGTON family. I have included wills and Inventories of each man of the first three generations.

All children are named and opposite each of the founders of different branches are the number of that tree. In due course I hope to publish the trees on the Internet site. I think this should sort out much of the mis-information on the Internet and although I have based this on the works of AEH Elkington and C.M.Elkington, corrections and additions have been made where appropriate.

Many thanks to those members of the family and genealogists who have helped to compile these notes. There is an address on the Website to write to if you have any queries and of course if you think you are descended from any of the lines I would be pleased to hear from you.


Judy Elkington


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