Saturday, November 21, 2009

Josephine Butler (1828-1906)

Josephine Butler (1828-1906): "As time progressed and her reputation among poor women increased, Butler learned about rich men who could afford to pay to have female children kidnapped because they enjoyed raping virgins, about parlors of sado-masochism, and about international trading in white women for the sex slave trade.
She fought all of these movements. Although she fought organized prostitution, she continued to work for improvement in the conditions of prostitutes themselves, for she understood that many of them were forced into prostitution by poverty.

Josephine Butler had an enormous influence in western Europe. If you are a western woman descended from members of the poor or working-class, you can thank Butler that your great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, or even you yourself were not snatched up to become part of the sex trade. I think that warrants Butler a high place on any list of the most influential women of the second millennium. Unfortunately, there are many areas in the world today where the sex trade thrives, and Butler's work remains unfinished."

butler prostitution - Google Search

offentlige fruentimmer - Google Search: "Bergh, Ludvig Sophus Rudolph Om Tatoveringer hos de offentlige Fruentimmer. Særtryk af 'Hospitals-Tidende' Kjøbenhavn, 1891."

Butler is referred to in this book
Rudolph Bergh: Om Tatoveringer hos de offentlige Fruentimmer. 1891

Bergh, Ludvig Sophus Rudolph Om Tatoveringer hos de offentlige Fruentimmer table 2

Rudolph Bergh - Google Search: "Rudolph Bergh (1824–1909), full name Ludvig Sophus Rudolph Bergh, was a Danish physician and zoologist. He worked in Copenhagen"

the whole arose out of a discussion of the term offentlige Fruentimmer seen in danish church books.


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