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England : BRISTOL

RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: England : BRISTOL_AND_DISTRICT: "Topic: A mailing list for anyone with family history and genealogical interests in the county and city of Bristol and surrounding areas of South Gloucestershire and North Somerset within approximately a 20 mile radius. Topics include family, social, cultural and local history, past and present, including dialect, slang and sayings, traditions, occupations, recipes and folklore in order to place the lives of our ancestors in perspective, as well as methods and problems of recording both family and associated historical information."

RootsWeb: BRISTOL_AND_DISTRICT-L [B&D] [ADMIN] Important Reminder about the 1911 census: "We've had a number of new members to welcome to the list as well as
welcoming back a number of returning members who took time out from their research over the last year or so.

I'd like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that the Terms and Conditions for the 1911 census are that the research you do on there must be for your OWN purposes *only*. That means no look ups for other people or you risk losing your account. FindMyPast does monitor for mentions of the 1911 census.

Please do NOT ask for look ups."

my reply was censored:-

As an adult I choose to take this risk - which I blogged long ago

I am in touch with FMP by email and phone and enjoy helping people with problems, and typically I report at least six transcription errors every time I log on and enter Bristol to get a list of streets
1504 results for 1841
6518 results. fro 1911

a typical error:-

A Redcliffe St Bristol
is in fact

87A Redcliffe St Bristol because the house numbers -A -B -C fail to get listed as numbers

RG78 Enumerators Summary book images are only accessible from buttons above the original schedule images, and include both the "Description of the Enumeration District" and the "Contents of the Enumeration District".

I found one image of a schedule was missing in Glamorgan but RG78 proved that it existed in 1911 and 4 or 5 emails and four phone calls and (a month later) the National Archives at Kew have found that the original document has survived but was neither imaged nor transcribed

1 Mythe Cottages Rockleage Road Sneyd Park Bristol
to those of us with local knowledge the two typos are obvious

Obviously a massive number of look ups for an individual is wrong
but helping other subscribers with problems is OK

at the end of any town list you get
Other Establishments
which includes really badly transcribed addresses
eg Hotels, inns or farms

or private houses like "The Willows" Usk with no street listed
except in RG78 hows it as a private house in Baron Street
by coincidence my granny's best friend my "aunty" Kitty - Kate Marfell is there :-)


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