Wednesday, June 21, 2006

archives to move

from news:soc.genealogy.britain:-

Changes were announced yesterday in the Commons by Hilary Armstrong & the
House of Lords by Baroness Ashton.
In the press release it includes a date to close the FRC at Islington &
relocate it to Kew.

21 June 2006
The National Archives to move its Family Records Centre staff and services to Kew(35.836kb)
21 June 2006
The Office of Public Sector Information and The National Archives are to merge(41.472kb)

From the National Archives website:
"It has been announced today that The National Archives and the Office of
Public Sector Information will merge. " ...

"We would like to emphasise that the merger will have no impact on the
services we provide to our customers and stakeholders - it is very much
business as usual. No jobs are being lost as a result of the merger and we
are confident of being able to continue a very high level of service." ...
"We also intend to reduce the four sites we currently have - Kew, the
Family Records Centre and Office of Public Sector Information offices in
London and Norwich - to just two (Kew and a small London office).

Our Family Records Centre staff and services will be relocating to Kew,
where they will manage a dedicated family history service, by the end of
2008. We are holding a public consultation on this move and our Minister,
Baroness of Ashton of Upholland, plans to invite family historians to a
meeting at Kew in September to discuss this and other developments in
family history service provision. Please see our website for updates."
I'd like to see what form this consultation will take...


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