Monday, June 12, 2006

Louisiana Cemeteries USA

This Cemeteries site is dedicated to the public sharing of cemetery information for individual research. Cemetery transcriptions are very important, yet extremely time consuming and difficult to prepare. There needs to be a balance between sharing the results of an individual's effort and the protection of that individual's work from commercial distribution by others. Without some method of sharing information, the research effort is without purpose.

We cannot adequately express our appreciation to the dozens if not hundreds of people who have spent days, weeks and months in hundreds of cemeteries transcribing data from headstones, markers and monuments. These wonderful people have unselfishly allowed their hard earned work to be published on the internet. Links to the web sites that have the transcriptions made by the hard work of others are provided. That work would be pointless without its being viewed by the public.

This site provides a unique one stop resource for the cemeteries of Louisiana's parishes. Each parish table provides many links to publicly available data and to methods of obtaining private or published data from individuals or businesses. but this site seems to lack a global search facility


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