Thursday, June 15, 2006

Teachers' Registration Council

The latest dataset to be added to British Origins is the Teachers Registrations, a list of over 100,000 people who taught in England and Wales between 1870 and 1947 - more than half of these are women. Registration was voluntary and is thus incomplete

From 1914, many teachers in England and Wales (and elsewhere) registered with the Teachers Registration Council.
The original registration records for the period up to 1947 (after which registration was abandoned) were deposited with the Society of Genealogists
The Origins Network has now scanned and indexed these records to make them publicly available for the first time online.

Registration only started in 1914, and since people who were already teaching registered, the records cover teachers who started their careers from the 1870s on.

The records provide the following information:
o teachers name (and for married women teachers often their maiden name as well)
o Date of Registration
o Register Number
o (Professional) Address
o Attainments
o Training in Teaching
o Experience
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The Department for Education (now Department for Education and Skills) and the Public Record Office (now The National Archives) approved permanent deposit of the registers with the Society of Genealogists in 1997.
of 162 original volumes, two are missing.
The original registration records are loose sheets, one per teacher, held as two alphabetic series in loose-leaf binders. The first series of 149 volumes covers teachers who were still registered in 1947, while the second series, of 11 volumes, contains the records of teachers who were deceased
The Education Act 1899 made provision for the establishment of a register of teachers, following one of the recommendations of the Royal Commission on Secondary Education (Bryce) (HC 1895 xlii; ED 12/11 ED 12/12 bound copies of minutes).
The Teachers' Registration Council was set up in 1902. The form in which the register was kept led to protests by the National Union of Teachers, resulting in its withdrawal in 1907; the Council was not reconstituted until 1912.
The Council was independent of the Board of Education; it issued lists of teachers in alphabetical order; registration was voluntary. Neither the Board nor the LEAs used it in selecting candidates for promotion and, consequently, its success remained limited.
In 1929 the Royal Society of Teachers was formed, with the Council as its executive committee.
Registration was abandoned in 1948 and the Council was dissolved the following year. Its minute books, together with copies of its reports for the years 1902 to 1906, are in ED 44 ; further papers relating to its work are among the General Education, General Files (ED 10 ). It was superseded by the National Advisory Council on the Training and Supply of Teachers (ED 86/270-285 and ED 86/448-459).
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