Thursday, June 12, 2008


Shoebox Genealogy: NFS Concerns: Part 11 - Old Databases Shut Down:

"Old databases should not be shut down

In our discussion with Gordon Clarke, we asked
him what was to become of the old page.
He matter of factly told us “It’ll be shut down, there will be no use for it because all of the information will be in the New Family Search.”

He couldn’t be more wrong. The current page is much faster and easier to use for genealogists. Trained eyes can sort through the duplications in seconds, where it takes several minutes to determine correct information from the information in NFS. Shutting down the old system would force everyone into the NFS. I understand how this would seem like a good idea. However I know several people who have stated they will “retire” from the profession (joking or not, I don’t know) if NFS is mandated, and the old databases are taken off-line.
If everything in NFS was fixed and you had the genealogical community on-board, that would be one thing, but force-feeding NFS is not the way to clean up the system."

the old system should be frozen and maintained as a legacy

browsing by, or searching within, a batch number for example is not available on the new as far as I can see

searching for the vital records of siblings with mispelled names is far harder on the new

familysearch batch numbers - Google Search
IGI batch numbers - Google Search

this is of international concern


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