Monday, October 31, 2005

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schoensten-bahnstrecken - Google Image Search

these are my personal cult films, as an old retired train-spotter.
"We" are in Greece and I love to see the different landsacapes and townscapes.

SW Sound Whistle
This drive hits the horn frequently as there are a lot of unguarded level crossings and people use the railways as footpaths - Programm - Heute im Ersten

I am expeerimenting with holding the phone camera at arms lenghbut it tends to dip when I press the shutter button
Die schönsten Bahnstrecken Europas
Griechenland: Thessaloniki - Komotoni

Kiato Komatoni
Griechenland: Thessaloniki - Komotoni. 31.10.05 - 04:20, Die schönsten ... - TV-Programm: "04:15
Die schønsten Bahnstrecken Europas
Griechenland: Thessaloniki - Komotoni "

Der Eisenbahn Webkatalog - Eisenbahn im TV. Fernsehsendungen zum Thema Eisenbahn.

"schoensten Bahnstrecken" - Google Search

and this is the standard final screen with the phone number of the publisher

EK-Verlag, Postfach 500 111, 79027 Freiburg

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