Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Request a Search for your Ancestors at the Family History Library

Our research consultants at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City will search this vast collection of genealogical records for your ancestors from the US/Canada, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Let us have the details and we will have one of them give you a FREE email consultation

If you commission us to do the work (there's no obligation to do that!) our prices start from $50 US. For a FREE email consultation visit http://www.ancestorseekers.com/research/adn

My price starts at US$100 payable in advance for searches in Denmark, England and Wales where I have acccess to material which has not been filmed - the first hour of work is gratis and a FREE trial. My aim is to help you help yourself by sharing what is common local knowledge.


Blogger Family Tree Nut said...

40 years of research and our family history is complete. A huge leather bound book with tons of supplements. Thanks for the opportunity to see how others are managing this task. If you're interested, and don't mind the shameless plug, please stop by my website. I've got information to help others looking for -- family genealogy (I'm still working on putting together a blog)

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