Tuesday, November 15, 2005


NE Orphan Train: NEGenWeb
Orphan Trains of Nebraska

"According to announcement, Mr. B.W. Tice, agent Children's Aid Society of New York, arrived today with twenty boys and two girls. They were taken to J.E. Thomas' restaurant, and given dinner, after which they went to the Christian Church. The church was full of people, eager to see the children. After singing several selections, and remarks by B. Tice and E.M. Correll, the selection of children was made by those who had filed applications with the committee. There was not a dull apathetic boy in the lot. All were bright and self reliant, and the most of them had good faces . The greatest contest was for the possession of a sweet-faced, modest girl of fourteen. There were as many as a dozen that wanted her. Chance favored Mrs. Bradford, of Carleton.

read on The New York Children

GCH Jayne CW: If you have an ancestor born in the 1854 to 1929 time frame that just "appeared" in the US midwest, you might want to check into the possibility that he or she was an Orphan Train rider.


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