Monday, November 21, 2005

National Archive of Memorial Inscriptions

National Archive of Memorial Inscriptions: "This new site enables you to check whether or not there are any memorial inscriptions which are relevant to your researches. If there are none, then you pay nothing. If you find what you want, then you can download, and print out if you wish, not only the inscriptions themselves, but also a brief description of the memorial, a photograph of the church or chapel, a plan of the burial ground, and usually some historical information as well. For this, you pay a fee of between �4 and �7, depending on how much information you choose to retrieve from what is available.

At present, the site contains only a relatively small amount of information - some 200 burial grounds in Norfolk (click here for a list). They comprise about 70,000 inscriptions, or some 100,000 names."

Norfolk Family History Society

Britain, UK news from The Times and The Sunday Times - Times Online: "Richard Smart, the project leader, said that the internet had transformed the task of the family historian. He said: "You can now access all censuses, most wills and nearly full records of births, marriages and deaths on the web, often free. This was the missing bit."

Norfolk Family History Society: "The Norfolk Contiguous Parish web site provides cross-referenced links between adjacent Norfolk parishes. We know of no other similar design for listing the contiguous parishes of other counties. The Norfolk Family History Society would be delighted to assist other societies or individuals who would like to emulate this design. Here are some other options for finding contiguous parishes. "


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