Sunday, November 20, 2005


The Sandinavian Journal of Heraldry is Heraldisk Tidsskrift:

"Welcome to Societas Heraldica Scandinavica (SHS), the heraldry society, which since 1959 has united heraldry enthusiasts in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway och Sweden.
Items on this homepage might come in either of the Nordic languages or in English.
The society journal Heraldisk Tidsskrift is published twice a year(march & october) with articles in either of the Nordic languages and summaries in either English, French or German. In addition, the society publishes an occational series, Heraldiske Studier, with larger studies in heraldry.

Honorary Secretary
Societas Heraldica Scandinavica
Steen Clemmensen
Byb�kpark 36
Dk-3520 Farum

SHS arranges konferences, excursions and lectures.

In cooperation with the Academie Internationale de l'h�raldique it has hosted international conferences in Stockholm (5th, 1960), Copenhagen (14th, 1980), Helsinki (16th, 1984), and Uppsala (20th, 1992).
Nordic heraldic conferences have recently been introduced in �bo/Turku (2003) and in Kalmar (2001). The next will be held in Oslo 2005.

Coming events in the Nordic area

Heraldisk Selskab
Heraldinen Seura
Skjaldfr�daf�lagid Heraldisk Selskap
Heraldiska S�llskapet

founded 27. maj 1959


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