Thursday, January 19, 2006

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My picture went missing in the Blogger: User Profile: Hugh Watkins

which meant:-

Untitled Document: " is being updated

We are currently updating our website servers to improve site performance. We expect the website to be available again by 6 AM Mountain Time (8 AM Eastern).

UTC GMT Conversion
about 1300 hours 1:00 pm here in UK
This is also known as Greenwich Mean Time or GMT and as Zulu Time oror UT (Universal Time) .

1400 Danish and European standard time
The home page of AtomTime -- AtomTime is a shareware program that will synchronize
your PC clock with the atomic clock server in Boulder, Colorado.

I use
Free Atomic Clock Sync utility from
download the free atomic clock sync utility to update your pc system time.

We're sorry for any inconvenience. Please check back or use one of the resources below.
Return to your previous page
Visit the Message Boards
Visit WorldConnect
Visit our sister site,"

so I will use this one after uploading it here,

which I made by accident by saving as greyscale in IfanView
oops Mrs Google said:-
Did you mean: Irfanview

yes and do it NOW Download IrfanView
if you don't have it already Current version: 3.98


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