Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Google mail

Gmail was too close to G-mail
Will GMail Be Taken to Court?

and GMail officially renamed to Google Mail in Germany
BBC NEWS Business Google drops Gmail address in UK
A dispute over the Gmail trademark makes Google change the name of its free mail service ...
an appeal against a court injunction that stops Google from using the Gmail name

Gmail Becomes Googlemail in the UK
"We are still working with the courts and trademark office to ensure our abilityto use the Gmail name, but this could take years to resolve,"

Well anyway today they are launching:-

Chat - Send instant messages from directly within Google Mail. When you go to your inbox, you'll be online.

Status - See when others are online and let them know when you're online, away, busy, tired, whatever.

History - Chats can be just like emails. Save them, search for them--never lose important chats again.You can get started with this feature right now (it's always changeable in 'Settings'):
Save chat history in my Google Mail account - your chats will be saved under 'Chats' in your Google Mail account.

Don't save chat history in my Google Mail account - your chats will not be saved or searchable in your Google Mail account. is still in beta


Account Inactivity

Google will terminate your account in accordance with Section 9 of the Terms of Use if you fail to login to your account for a period of nine months.

which is a problem for the archivist


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