Friday, March 10, 2006

genealogy in the Netherlands again

before you enjoy and laugh at the zany english,
ask yourself could you write so much about your tree in dutch - or any of your second languages ?

Family tree Z(S)eeman - Genalogy Z(S)eeman: "This is the family tree off Zeeman from, Frisian, Groningen until America.
We are a dutch family and it's start in the North off the Netherlands.
I find my family from America and it's very importent for me to know that there where some forfathers who immigrated to the USA.
I hope you enjoy the family tree and when there are questions please let me know and send me a mail."

Family tree " This family tree is easey to read, I write first the parents and theire children.
After that you can find the children below and who they married with. The numbers behind the name gives a link to the parents of them and where you can find it in the book. Also at the last pages there is a INDEX and the names has a number so you can find it easy into the book."

stamboom - Google Search
family tree in dutch


Overzicht van het stamboomonderzoek van de familie . . . .
summary of the family tree index of the family . . .
stamboomonderzoek - Google Search

genalogie site:nl - Google Search
oops a typo better :-
genealogie site:nl - Google Search
genealogy site Netherlands - just add a surname or a place to your search

Genealogische - Google Search
the adjective genealogical
is used in german and dutch
Indische Genealogische Vereniging [Dutch Indies Genealogical ...

Nederlandse Genealogische Vereniging

vereningen is close to danish foreningen - which is how a guess my way in dutch
KVAK, Foreningen Kvindelige Akademikere
The Danish Association of University Women (Foreningen Kvindelige Akademikere,) is a branch of The International Federation of University Women (IFUW),

which is what ducks say in english QUACK quaaack


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