Friday, March 10, 2006

genealogy in the Netherlands

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translation help needed please

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. . . referencing my g~grandparents . . . On the right side is annotated father 36 years, mother 41 years, and witness below that.

I have so far deducted my gg grandfathers name was Jan Reinberg, his father Pieter. I have to clue as to g.g.g.grandmothers name? antje? Wy??????????

Any thing further you can pull out of this will be more than I presently have. I am attempting to trace behind Jan. I don't think I am going to be successful with out both parents names. It appears Pieter Reinberg was a very common name of that location and era.

Thanks again for your assistance.

Terry DuPuis

Genealogie Groningen

Civil Registration (1811 to present)
Civil registration began c. 1811 by order of Napoleon Bonaparte during the French occupation of Holland (1795-1813).
At present every township's secretary makes all civil registrations in duplicate.
. . . coninued Genealogical Research in the Netherlands - Dutch Genealogy:

Groningen is the northeast province of the Netherlands with a typical dialect (Gronings) with regional nuances (though nowadays there are many who don't speak the dialect - especially in the city of Groningen where many outsiders have moved). It was actually part of the Frysian Empire. Groningen (province) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Gronings can equally be defined as Dutch and Low German or Low Saxon dialects spoken in the Netherlands province of Groningen and in some adjoining areas:

Cyndi's List - Netherlands / Nederland
Civil Registration online searchable databases are under construction.

Genealogy in Groningen Genealogical research in the Dutch province of Groningen, especially the eastern part of the province.

Voorouders - GenLias:
"GenLias is een landelijke database met gegevens voor stamboomonderzoek. Het is een gezamenlijk initiatief van het Nationaal Archief en de regionale historische centra in de provinciehoofdsteden. Het is dus zeker geen database van bestanden die alleen bij het Nationaal Archief te vinden zijn."

Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie

Groningen (city) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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