Saturday, May 06, 2006

Estonian genealogy

FRO: "Not all family registry offices can be visited for genealogical research. It differs from county to county. The materials held in these archives are births, marriages and deaths of the corresponding county since July 1, 1926 and personal registers for the years 1926-1940 (1949) for persons who lived in those years in this county. After 1940 (in some places 1949) the registers were not used and the births, marriages and deaths for all the county have to be researched to find any information.
In the central Family Registry Office there are family registers and metrics since 1830s until 1926 and all the materials that are held in local registry offices. Unfortunately research cannot be done in this archive." english - Google Search

Estonian Genealogical Society has eight local branches

Gothic handwriting was used in all records that were written in German in Estonia
site:ee genealogy - Google Search

site:ee genealoogia - Google Search
estonia genealogy - Google Search

Perekonnaajaloo foorum :: Index Estonian genealogy forum


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