Tuesday, May 16, 2006

for newbies about England and Wales

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on what www.ancestor-search.info offers that GENUKI does not.

www.ancestor-search.info has a very different focus to GENUKI . It is
essentially aimed at the newcomers to family history rather than experienced
genealogists. GENUKI uniquely provides a wealth of information and is invaluable to experienced genealogists. However its very size can be
daunting to newcomers to genealogy.
Ancestor-search.info has been designed from the outset to provide the newcomer to family history with the basic information he or she needs to progress their new interest.

Ancestor-search is much more tightly structured than GENUKI [see http://www.genuki.org.uk/contents/]
The user is clearly guided from the first steps in tracing their family history through to key sources of information available to them and then on to where to find that information.
If you have a good look at the site, you will see just how
key this navigational aspect of the site is. Everything links to everything
in a highly logical and disciplined manner.

So in short, www.ancestor-search.info serves a very different need from
GENUKI . It contains a fraction of the information that GENUKI holds. It
covers only England and Wales. What it does focus on however is the basic
information that newcomers need to get them started on tracing their
ancestors and it does this in a highly structured way.

In some areas such as Record Offices it often provides more information than GENUKI (i.e. details of opening hours, location and website content rather than just a link) but only because it is felt that this will help the newcomer. Its essential raison d'etre is to provide the base information that newcomers to genealogy need in a consistent and readily digestable form.

Currently the scope of www.ancestor-search.info is limited to England and


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