Thursday, May 11, 2006


A New Face for FamilySearch: "The most exciting for genealogists is the progress that FamilySearch is making on digitizing their entire microfilmed collection of family history records.
That's more than 2.3 million rolls of microfilm, the equivalent of about 6 million 300-page volumes! They have spent tremendous amounts of money, time, and resources on the necessary equipment and staff for this project, known as ScanStone, and by the end of this year hope to have their digitizing up to the rate of 32 million images per month, approximately 370,000 rolls of microfilm per year. At that amazing rate, the entire collection of the Family History Library could be available online in digital format in as few as six years!

But what good are all those amazing records without an easy way to find what you're looking for. Even with a high-speed Internet connection, most of us just don't have the kind of time to dig through that much data page by page. This is where the FamilySearch Indexing project comes in. They have created software which makes it easy for societies, groups, and even individual volunteers to extract the important key information out of a document to be included in the growing index.

The software is very user friendly. I got a chance to try it out today. As you tab through the entry fields in the transcription box, the section of the digitized document where the information can be found is highlighted. In the case of commonly used terms and names, such as county names, or race selections, the choices are presented in a dropdown format.
Specific instructions for each step tell you what to enter, and what to do if no information is included in that field on the original document. Each record will also be indexed by at least two unrelated individuals. If the computer finds a disagreement between the two, the record will go out to a third individual for clarif"

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