Saturday, July 22, 2006

sorry about the blog gap

well at leasty no one wrote and asked if I was alright

I am in Copenhagen for a couple of months and going to be working the danish archives from the point of view of military history
shows how with just a name and a date and county of birth I was able to get a long was into the genealogy of Rasmus Karl Therkelsen Gottlieb Hollywood screen name Karl Dane

See my Danish Archives FAQ
to see wee I will be LAK and RA mostlythat whole website is due for a major rebuild using this new computer, about which you may see my new blog

I have got Dreamweaver and Photoshop to learn so you may expect great things in about a year or after I have cleared up the question of census image copyright.

I also intend to learn how to make attractive original blog templates.
I am on line with a 10mb / 10mb WAN from
and Google mail is noticeably faster.

So far I have set up a new router (the owner had plugged the WAN cable in a LAN socket but I didn't check that first) and got a Sony digital camera bought in England to download 719 snaps to a bought in Germany laptop wih WinME in german . . . . .

To deal with the heat wave I am staying in for the afternooons and drinking lots of tap water precooled in my fridge, and after Le Tour on TV with the english commentary from on the computer is over, I then take a siesta - or an astronaut nap (about 45 minutes asleep)

I am doing my shopping in the mornings, and by phone, and taking lots of snbaps for my picture bank. The snaps blogs are really slow on dial-up so you really need broadband for the high graphics content..

I hope to get family Tree Maker running on the Macintosh soon - there are three possibilities as to how.
Reunion was highly recommended but I found thr GUI really irritating and out of date.


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