Saturday, September 09, 2006

google and deep web
searches archives of old newspaper
see deep web - Google Image Search

see the six year old concept bowtie

Figure 1 The web is a bow tie

A central core contains pages between which users can surf easily. Another large cluster, labelled 'in', contains pages that
link to the core but cannot be reached from it. These are often new pages that have not yet been linked to. A separate 'out'
cluster consists of pages that can be reached from the core but do not link to it, such as corporate websites containing only
internal links. Other groups of pages, called 'tendrils' and 'tubes', connect to either the in or out clusters, or both, but not to
the core, whereas some pages are completely unconnected. To illustrate this structure, the researchers picture the web as a
plot shaped like a bow tie with finger-like projections.


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