Tuesday, October 03, 2006

back in Chelmsley Wood library

Chelmsley Wood Library
and on computer number 14 with the KID GLOVE keyboard
which really suits my 70 year old eyes and two finger typing.

Just posted the above without problems - and now editing - last time I was pretty fed up about losing a blog which took 50 minutes to write so I posted on a complaints form on the Solihull Intranet about my problems with blogger.com and security and the wysiwyg editor.
Much to my surprise on the next day I received three back up home telephone calls to my home number from the support team.

Of course the lost post was my own silly fault for not saving a draft of the html code in google mail before trying to post. So all is well now thanks to you guys on the staff !!

The sage of my new adsl isp drags on and TALKTALK will soon be renamed WAITWAIT . I am not posting about that until the problem is resolved and I have test driven the new connection.


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