Sunday, September 24, 2006

from my email and google too

Sun developers talk about software as a service (SaaS)
and Google is close to having an Online Office with AJAX documents and spread sheets in beta not to mention blogger which can also be used for an intranet

by Richard MacManus who blogs a key point - that office tools on the Web are about enabling users to more easily share information and collaborate. It's something existing desktop office tools are woefully inadequate in. Ever tried to email a Word document to 10 of your colleagues and then keep track of changes or suggested changes?

The San Antonio Genealogical & Historical Society will present it's 47th Annual Fall Seminar, November 4, 2006 at the Radisson Hotel Marketplace, in downtown San Antonio. The event will feature talented & popular writer, lecturer and entertainer, Hank Z. Jones.Hank's topics at the all day seminar will be:-
1) When the Sources are Wrong,
2) Tracing the Origens of Early 17th Century Palatine & Other Immigrants, [sic]
3) Family Traditions, How to Separate Fact from Fiction in Genealogical Research,
4) Genealogy in the New Millennium, Where We've Been & Where we are going. have added even more records to their growing database, and now includes the 1841 and 1871 censuses. Not only will these new census records prove a valuable asset in your search for your ancestors, they are also included in their BMD and Census subscription packages. At the moment the images for these censuses are only available as TIFF files, which require you to download a new plug-in, but we will be making these images compatible with our standard plug-in DjVu at a later date.

Living Relatives database is now available to all pay-per-view customers at a cost of just 10 units per search. The database allows you to get in touch with long-lost family members and friends through the current electoral roll, directors’ details and telephone directory enquiries.

Top Ten Internet Abbreviations for Genealogists with thanks to Chris Dunham from The Genealogue

10. AFAICTWDAR — As far as I can tell without doing actual research
9. IYKWIM — If you know what "inbreeding" means
8. AMOUFL — As a matter of unfounded family legend
7. SCNRPYI — Sorry, could not resist proving your illegitimacy
6. IMPGHO — In my paternal grandmother's humble opinion

5. NIFOMR — Naked in front of microfilm reader
4. TIABIDITTYA — Thanks in advance because I don't intend to thank you afterwards
3. KMA — Kiss my ahnentafel
2. ROFTBPR — Rolling on the floor transcribing British parish registers
1. BTWYA — By the way, you're adopted


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