Wednesday, October 04, 2006

more expeditions

going to Bath Record office tomorrow and Gloucester RO on Friday to search for LAPHAM and BALL in Parish Registers

I have two tickets left on the rail pass I purchased at Copenhagen CPH airport as an outgoing tourist

The filming of Monmouthshire parish registers is going well 21 done by GSU LDS out of about 110 at the Gwent record Office
The work should be done by about November 2006 and sent to Utah

An index of all welsh parish registers is going to be made by LDS in USA and supplied to the National Library of Wales too so I wonder if we shall see a welsh edition of the Scotlands people web site in order to create a revenuse stream for the public purse

I am still off line at home so next blog may be Saturday at a library - this is being written at Solihull Central library


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