Tuesday, November 14, 2006

message from Australia

Vista gold but cracked already - BizTech - Technology - theage.com.au: "Microsoft Windows Vista and Office 2007 only just went gold, and their anti-piracy measures have already been cracked.

Various pirate websites have a version of Vista available to download, called 'Vista BillGates'.

It comes supplied with a product key, allowing users to install the operating system on their computers unhindered.

A second patch - a separate download, called an 'activation crack' - must also be applied. This bypasses the activation process used by Vista to ensure that each installation is legitimate.

The same pirate sites also have Office 2007 Enterprise editions available for download. Users simply need to enter a supplied product key, since this version of Office does not require product activation.

Vista and Office 2007 went gold only last week, meaning that the code for their initial release has been finalised and released to manufacturing."


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