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below is a family known to me from Ellis Island
illustrating the original migration in 1921 when Anna was listed under her maiden name
the childen born in USA were US citizens from birth

I am in touch with a descendant of Mrs. Gladys Bobo

View Record Name Arrival Date Estimated Birth Year Gender Port of Departure Place of Origin Ship Name View Ship Image View Passenger List

View Record Anna strømsholt 14 Mar 1931 abt 1901 Female Copenhagen Scandinavian Frederik Viii
View Record Gladys strømsholt 14 Mar 1931 abt 1924 Female Copenhagen
Frederik Viii
View Record Otto strømsholt 14 Mar 1931 abt 1900 Male Copenhagen
Frederik Viii
View Record Walter strømsholt 14 Mar 1931 abt 1928 Male Copenhagen
Frederik Viii
View Record jørgen otto strømsholt 19 Apr 1921 abt 1900 Male Copenhagen Scandinavian Hellig Olav

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RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: WATKINS LAPHAM 2005: "12. Jørgen Otto Strømsholt (Jørgen (født Pedersen i 1911 købt) Strømsholt3, Karen Marie Hansdatter2, Hans Frederiksen1) was born 16 JUN 1899 in Store Heddinge Stevns Præstø - Saværket Vestergade Storehedinge Købsted (baptised Petersen), and died 30 DEC 1952 in 3.48am Good Samaritan Hospital, Phoenix Arizona USA (Jurgen Strumsholt in Ellis Island index). He was buried 2 JAN 1953 in Grenwood Cemetery Phonix Arizona.

He married Anna Nielsine Hansen 1922 in USA, daughter of Lars Peter Hansen and Ane Marie Nielsen. She was born 4 MAR 1900 in Frøslev Mark, Frøslev, Stevns, Præstø, Denmark, and died 15 JAN 1991 in Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ, USA.

Children of Jørgen Otto Strømsholt and Anna Nielsine Hansen are:

+34 i.Gladys Anna Stromsholt was born 28 OCT 1922 in New York USA.
35 ii.Walter Otto Stromsholt was born 17 OCT 1927 in Staten Island, New York USA, and died 28 OCT 1948 in 1000 am Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona USA. - Search Birth Records, Death Records, Marriage Records and US Census Records

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Nov. 8, 2006. 09:05 PM

LONDON — Tom Cruise's great-great grandfather, Dylan Henry Mapother, emigrated to Louisville, Kentucky in 1850 from Flint, Wales. Halle Berry's grandmother, Nellie Dicken, was nine months old when she sailed from Liverpool, England in 1912 onboard the Merion to settle in Philadelphia. Mary MacLeod, mother of real estate mogul Donald Trump, travelled from the Isle of Lewis, Scotland to America onboard The Transylvania in 1935.

The website is part of a global network of genealogy sites providing over five billion records to the public.These are a few of the stories revealed in a list of passengers on voyages from the British Isles to the United States between 1820 and 1960 released Thursday by a British genealogy website. launched over a 100 million U.S. immigration records from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, tracing the ancestors of some of America's most famous names.
The lists reveal the journeys of Scottish men who became symbols of success in American business, including the founders of Buick, Campbell's soup and Forbes magazine. "Without question, the millions of names in the Ancestry passenger lists represent brave and colourful individuals who played a significant role in shaping what has become modern America," the website's managing director Simon Harper said.
The records show date, departure port, destination, age, nationality, occupation, accompanying family members and purpose of travel among other criteria. Liverpool became the most popular departure point for Irish and British immigrants in 1818, according to records from Ellis Island, the historic immigrant portal in New York harbour.

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MSN Entertainment News
and via google - Ancestry website traces roots of Trump, Berry


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