Friday, December 01, 2006

connecting through this blog

and today in my mail:-
By accident I've found your blog. I am sorry that you couldn't get in touch with me as my email addresses changed.

However, now I am here. And I would be very interested to learn more about your background and why you are interested in the Dauthendey's family. As I can see Anna is your greatgreatgrandmother, is that right ?

not me but Lyn - and a Manx connection too -

"viktoria losen" - Google Search
started with my blog from March 2005
RootsWeb: SAXONY-L HEINE / HEYNE from Dessau near LeipzigGedBas, Viktoria Losen. Unfortunately, the three email addresses I have been able to find for her have all bounced. If anyone has a suggestion and on how I can ...


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