Thursday, December 21, 2006

Disaster site

Genealogy Events that touched our Ancestors' Lives, How our Ancestors Lived and Died: "ou're one of the first to take a look at our new website. Why GenDisasters? In my family, there are a lot of deaths by what I thought were unusual means: train accident, mining accident, lightning, etc. And, in researching these, I found that what I thought was unusual really wasn't so unusual at all - just hard to find out about. So, take a look around... use the links above to take you to the types of disasters... or use by location to view catastrophes by state... or try the search box. We've gotten a good start on the site but still have so much to add... articles and/or photographs on hundreds of floods, tornadoes, fires, explosions, and other events that may have touched your ancestors' lives."


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