Thursday, December 21, 2006

RootsWeb "Disaster" is getting sorted out

RootsWeb Newsroom » Blog Archive » Update on the Message Board Updates: "The message board team is working hard to make the necessary bug fixes and planning and development of adjustments takes time.

We appreciate your kindness and patience during this process.

After fixing bugs, our second priority is to evaluate your feedback to help us plan and develop adjustments to the boards. Below is a list of some of the adjustments we have been working on.

Note: Some adjustments have already been applied to the boards and some are still in the planning and development stages:

  • Adding a link to view all of an author’s messages.
  • Updating the My Favorites page with category information (to help clear up confusion over which “General” board is which), and a drop-down to view more favorites per page,
  • Displaying the full subject line.
  • Changing the link color of the threads you have clicked on.
  • Adding “next thread” navigation.
  • Adding the ability to sort threads by “classification” type.
  • And more…"


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