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Mormon Handcart Companies: "Welcome to the Mormon Handcart Companies website.

We invite you to read the stories compiled by the Riverton Wyoming Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saintsand learn more about the pioneers, their rescuers and most importantly their faith in a loving Father in Heaven. These are their stories and the stories of their rescuers, both past and present."

Mormon Handcart Website

Mary Goble Pay - Hunt Wagon Company

We arrived in Salt Lake City nine o'clock at night the 11th of December 1856.

Three out of four that were living were frozen. My mother was dead in the wagon. Bishop Hardy had us taken to a home in his ward and the brethren and the sisters brought us plenty of food. We had to be careful and not eat to much as it might kill us we were so hungry. Early next morning Brother Brigham Young and a doctor came. The doctor's name was Williams. When Brother Young came in he shook hands with us all. When he saw our condition -- our feet frozen and our mother dead - tears rolled down his cheeks. The doctor amputated my toes using a saw and a butcher knife.

Brigham Young promised me I would not have to have any more of my feet cut off. The sisters were dressing mother for the last time. Oh how did we stand it? That afternoon she was buried. When we had been in Salt Lake a week, one afternoon a knock came at the door. It was Uncle John Wood.
When he met Father he said, "I know it all Bill." Both of them cried. I was glad to see my father cry. Uncle said for him to pack up and we could start right away. That night we got to Centerville. There Aunt Fanny was waiting for us at Brother Garns. We stayed there that night.

The next morning we went to Farmington and stayed there until the following April. My father married again. Instead of my feet getting better they got worse until the following July I went to Dr. Wiseman's to live with them to pay for him to doctor my feet. But it was no use he said he could do no more for me unless I could consent to have them cut off at the ankle. I told him that Brigham Young had promised me. He said all right sit here and rot and I will do nothing more until you come to your senses. One day I sat there crying. My feet were hurting me so - when a little old woman knocked at the door.

She said she had felt some one needed her there for a number of days. When she saw me crying she came and asked what was the matter. I showed her my feet and told her the promise Brother Young had given me. She said, "Yes, and with the help of the Lord we will save them yet." She made a poultice and put on my feet and everyday after the doctor had gone would come and change the poultice. At the end of three months my feet were well.

One day Doctor Wiseman said, "Well, Mary, I must say you have grit. I suppose your feet have rotted to the knee by this time." I said, "Oh, no, my feet are well." He said, "I know better, it could never be." So I took off my stockings and showed him my feet. He said that it was a miracle and wanted me to tell him what I had been doing. I told him to never mind that they were now healed. I have never had to have any more taken from them. The promise of Brigham Young has been fulfilled and the pieces of toe bone have worked out. -

form the Autobiography of Mary Goble Pay.

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I was intrigued and got googling after reading the following :-

Google Groups : alt.genealogy
From: Joseph Irvine


I am looking for information on Jessamine Elizabeth Routledge who married Francis Martin Pomeroy.

We are direct decendants through this marriage and are trying to verify which handcart company Jessamine came across on.

We have one record listing the Hunt handcart company, one record listing the Martin Handcart company, and another record listing that she came over on the Hunt company but fell behind and joined the Martin handcart company. We want to verify so that if she was ever a member of the Martin company she can be added to the Martin company memorial. Do you have any further information or documentation?

My email is: Jkeagl...


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