Sunday, December 24, 2006

Estonian Archives - Google Search
this estonian server appaears to be down on Christmas Eve

:: Rahvusarhiiv ::

This database, called Saaga, is accessible via webpage of the Historical Archives (

from my email - thank you Hedvig:-

If it is not in English click on ’in english’

At the top click on ‘contents’

First time user: click on ‘register and fill in with relevant information

Otherwise: your user name and password, enter

Now there is a choice between three categories,
the Estonian apostolic orthodox church
the Estonian evangelical Lutheran church and
‘wacka-books’ which is ‘revision lists’ ie census records from estates (Güter)

You probably need the second category

You need a basic knowledge of German. Later church books (after around 1890) can be in Russian.
An Estonian-English dictionary is also helpful.

testing the connection:-
site:ee - Google Image Search

site:ee genealogia - Google Search

European Society of Genealogy and Heraldry in Estonia
site in russian writing


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