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and I just wanted to reply to a message

ou ned to look at some old maps

follow the links from
Virtual Reference Library
Stednavn Sogn Herred Gammelt amt Bemærkning
Københoved Skrave Frøs Haderslev Bebyggelse. Ejerlav eller dele heraf.

then you need folketællinger to see who lived there

and go to the Skrave sogn church books for more

Sogn Herred Amt Tekst Fra Til F K V D J T A
Skrave Frøs Haderslev Skrave 1748 1797 X X X X
Skrave Frøs Haderslev Skrave 1797 1814 X X X X
Skrave Frøs Haderslev Skrave 1797 1829 X X X X X X X
Skrave Frøs Haderslev Skrave 1830 1860 X X X X X X X

an older dialect spellling from 1801 census
Stednavn: Kjøbenhoud og dens udflyttere

Haderslev Frøs Skrave FT-1769 C9500
Haderslev Frøs Skrave FT-1801 B9232
the others are images only

ask on

and explore thtat site and look at Trap Danmark
hanbooks history gazetteer not yet digitised


Hugh W
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On 12/12/06, <> wrote:
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> Surnames: Boysen
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> Hi
> I don't know anything about Hans Boysen, but my sister and her boyfriend just bought Boygaard in Københoved.
> As a surprise I'm working on a homepage for them, and therefore I'm trying to write the story about the farm. Can you help me out? Why did Hans only own the farm for such a short periode of time? Did he move, died or give it to his children?
> I would very happy for any information you can give. Within a few weeks you can see pictures of the farm on
> Regards Christina


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