Friday, December 08, 2006

RootsWeb disaster day 2 - Request Validation Error

Invalid or Unauthorized Input Has Been Detected

There is a problem servicing your request—it contains invalid or unauthorized data. The details of the problem have been automatically logged to our servers.

If you feel that you have reached this page in error, use your browser's Back button to identify the page and data that caused the problem. Then re-enter the information.

all the old hands and ADMINs are furious about
that "improvement

I have over 3000 posts so I used it to find my own stuff too

and if a measage gets moved (the old system used to say deleted)
you could click on your own name to find the new location of the thread

<------------ previous <> next ----------------->

seems to be some missing buttons too

<------------ previous <> next ----------------->

now that is a really dumb design error in designing the navigation system of any paged web site

4 buttons

Hugh W

000000oooooooooooh but i was only replying to :- - Message Boards: "Did you notice that you can no longer click on a person's name and see what other boards they have posted on?"


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