Wednesday, December 27, 2006

take care

BBC NEWS | Technology | Trapping hackers in the honeypot: "One of the websites sending out fake security spam looked particularly interesting as it was listed on several 'block lists' net service firms use to spot junk mail.

A visit to this website prompted an immediate re-direct to another site which popped up a box asking if we wanted to download the bogus security program.

Sneakily this was an image rather than a Windows dialogue box so clicking anywhere on it, even the 'cancel' button, got the download going."

Use anti-spyware and anti-virus programs
On at least a weekly basis update anti-virus and spyware products
Install a firewall and make sure it is switched on
Make sure updates to your operating system are installed
Take time to educate yourself and family about the risks
Monitor your computer and stay alert to threats

Hi-tech crime: A glossary


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