Monday, January 15, 2007

How I started on the net

with a 14k modem from Humanoria, Copenhagen University, and a dial up FirstClass BBS run by Politiken Newspaper

Politiken Online
Forgængeren til Politiken Online var baseret på systemet: FirstClass - som anvendes af store dele af folkeskolen (sektornettet) og LO m.fl.

Danish "Politiken" Weekly in USA ... is a taster but the FirstClass BBS is much faster
with the First Class Browser 3.5 guest log on user: politiken id: online or ...

First-class 3.5 server for sale It will be cheap ;-) Please mail me, if you are interested: Sanne Plichta This is the one used by the Danish newspaper Politiken as intranet and ...
alt.bbs.first-class - Sep 26 1999, 3:25 pm by Hugh Watkins
and all danish and a selection of english usent conferences.

ENTERPOL was created by users upset a the loss of the old BBS
then came google mail in about August 2004 - 26 September 2004 Google Groups

my first post on usenet
Believe in Happy Endings!!!!!!!!!!
Is this a flame?? - sent via an evaluation copy of BulkRate (unregistered).
alt.dreams - Feb 25 1996, 5:23 am by Hugh Watkin

so then we migrated and started Enterpol

soc.culture.nordic - Sep 17 1997, 3:55 am by Hugh Watkins

firstclass politiken - Google Search

FirstClass Division, Open Text Corporation

FirstClass - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaFirstClass originally gained a following in the bulletin-board market, ... FirstClass is originally a product of SoftArc,


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