Tuesday, January 16, 2007

solihull hospital if offline

It was neither a blood clot nor thrombosis - I am going to be munching penicillin until friday morning when I will have my arthritic knee scanned to see if it is leaking and causing the inflamation of my lower calf.

back from Solihull Hospital and the pictures blogged

Spread the word not the germs
Make it your mission.
Make it your mantra.
Clean your hands.

solihull hospital MAU - Google Search:
"Solihull Hospital Lode Lane Solihull West Midlands B91 2JL, Tel: 0121 424 2000"

I have got an inflammation in my left leg
so Dr Clowes is sending me to this Medical Assessment Unit
bus 97 then 72

Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust

Solihull Hospital Site Summary Information

I will add a comment to this blog as soon as I know what is going on down there - phlebitis possibly thrombosis


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